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After the independence from the Karate school of the master Gohgen Yamaguchi (Gouryu Karate-do), the master Yamamoto, the director of Kanda Renseikan, opened his own school as “All Japan Karate-Do Association” in front of Ueno station in Taito ward, Tokyo.
Since then he is making efforts to spread Gojuryu Karate-Do at the school in front of Akihabara Station in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, as well as in various parts of Japan. As a master of the IKO (International Karate-Do Organization), he is also training many instructors abroad, such as in Taiwan (The Republic of China), Singapore, Australia, The United States, Portugal, Italy, Iran and all around the world.
On April 19th, 2003, the master Yamamoto opened the Kanda Renseikan School in Sotokanda, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, as the administrative school of the IKO.
In the Edo period (1600 ? 1868), there were a lot of military (martial) art schools in this area, such as of Shusaku Chiba (Kendo) and Toranosuke Shimada (Kendo), and many experts in this art had gathered from every region of the country.
On this Kanda Rensei street is our Kanda Renseikan School, which is now directed by the master Gonnohyoue Yamamoto who is also takes command of the IKO.

Principles of the IKO

The spirit of ancient military arts (Budo) is emphasized in our Kanda Renseikan School. We respect the courtesy based on traditional manners and aim at character formation and growth through the military arts.
Practicing Karate-Do, we learn Japanese culture, tradition and courtesy, which we tend to forget in modern society. We also hope foreigners to learn this spirits.


Gonnohyoue Yamamoto

Gonnohyoue Yamamoto

Birth: 1938 in Tokyo
In 1952, he became a disciple of the Karate school of the master Gohgen Yamaguchi at Asakusa and devoted to Karate-Do, then obtained a black belt and trained younger disciples as an instructor. After graduation, when he was 24 years old, he had 5 Dan (fifth degree) in Gojuryu Karate-Do and went to the United States to teach Gojuryu with Gosei Yamaguchi (Gohgen’s son).
After returning from the States, he visited around the world to coach and promote the Gojuryu Karate-Do.
He won the tournament of free-style individual match at the first “all schools of Karate-Do championship in 1967, as well as many other tournaments.
Now he becomes a director of the Kanda Renseikan and devotes himself to coach high-ranked black belt holders and to direct mental training for young disciples. As holding courses of the art of defense for women, he continues the quest for the new style of the military arts.

Hisatada Yabe

Hisatada Yabe

In 1953, he became a disciple of the Karate school of the master Gohgen Yamaguchi at Asakusa and devoted to Karate-Do, then obtained a black belt. Since then, he contributed considerably for winning the team competition at various tournaments. He also trained many young disciples with the master Yamamoto and coached abroad in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.
In Okegawa-shi, Saitama, where the headquarter of the IKO All Japan Karate-Do Association is placed, he teaches and trains many disciples with the support from the district. He also often joins many events in this area and makes effort for improving the physical capacities of the residents and youth development.

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